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Pyratized Ammonite

Pyratized Ammonite


Pyritized ammonites are fascinating fossils that hold both scientific and metaphysical intrigue. These ancient creatures, resembling spiral-shelled cephalopods, lived millions of years ago during the Mesozoic era. Over time, the organic material of the ammonite's shell has been replaced by pyrite, a mineral also known as "fool's gold," resulting in the formation of pyritized ammonites.

Metaphysically, pyritized ammonites are believed to harness the powerful energies of both ammonite and pyrite. Ammonites are associated with ancient wisdom, transformation, and personal growth, while pyrite is known for its protective and abundance-attracting properties. As a result, pyritized ammonites are often used as grounding and protective talismans, aiding in spiritual growth, manifestation, and the removal of negative energies.

  • Specifications

    This listing is for 1 pyratized ammonite specimen.

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