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Intention Spell Jar: Cleanse & Ground

Intention Spell Jar: Cleanse & Ground


With this particular mixture of herbs and crystals, the focus of this jar is to impart wisdom and cleanse. The herbs, Lavender, Sage and Butterfly Pea Flower help to bring wisdom, serenity, calmness and cleanse.
Malachite an effective cleanser of negative energy, helping to block environmental pollutants and is a grounding stone. Quartz acts as a soul cleanser, absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy. It helps in amplifying the properties of other stones around it. Desert Rose helps to transmute hatred to love and healing conflict.

  • Additional Information

    Place this jar open on an altar or mantle and enjoy the aromatics, 
    Please note this is not good for those sensitive to scent or with allergies.
    Lavender can be toxic to animals, please keep away from pets. Small amounts are typically not harmful but may be if ingested.

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