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Australian Boulder Opal and Topaz Pendant

Australian Boulder Opal and Topaz Pendant


Boulder Opals are a beautiful multicolored stone with stunning shades of red, green and blue. It relates to the sacral chakra and symbolizes serenity. A rare stone, formed within ironside boulders only in Queensland, Australia, this piece hosts a stunning aray of colors in different light. Atop this unique stone sits a faceted Blue Topaz, representing integrity, clarity of thought and a strong emotional bond. It is also a stone of peace and serenity, making it a match for this unique opal. Wrapped and woven by hand in copper wire, a grounding wire that helps negate negative EMFs, this pendant is truly a peaceful display of artistry. 

  • Specifications

    This piece will come with a vintage gold chain. If other chain is specified on order, we can accomodate most requests.

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