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Ammonite Pairs

Ammonite Pairs



Ammonites were ancient marine mollusks resembling modern-day nautiluses, characterized by their spiral-shaped shells with intricate ridges and chambers. Flourishing from the Devonian period to the end of the Cretaceous period, these fascinating creatures lived in oceans worldwide and are important index fossils for dating rock layers. Despite their extinction alongside the dinosaurs, their beautifully preserved fossils continue to captivate scientists and enthusiasts, offering valuable insights into Earth's prehistoric past.



In metaphysical realms, ammonites are often revered for their spiral shape, symbolizing continuous evolution, growth, and the interconnectedness of all life. Believed to harness ancient wisdom and energy, they are thought to promote stability, balance, and harmony, making them popular choices for meditation and spiritual grounding. Some also associate them with prosperity and abundance, seeing their fossilized remains as vessels of ancient knowledge and cosmic energy waiting to be tapped into for personal transformation and enlightenment.

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    Madagascar - weight 2oz

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